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South Ostrobothnia Folk High School

Educational background

South Ostrobothnia Folk High School is politically and religiously neutral. It was founded in 1892 based on N.F.S. Grundtvig’s principle of a “School for Life”. Grundtvig believed that education should be available to all people and that the “Living Word” is the best means of education. Today our school embraces the Grundtvig principle and encourages students to take control over their education with the support of teachers, resources and the staff. South Ostrobothnia Folk High School is recognised by the Finnish Ministry of Education and abides by its regulations. It is owned and maintained by the Korpisaari Foundation.

Status and principles

South Ostrobothnia Folk High School is an international adult education centre offering students the highest level of education with which they can be successful in the global market. The important principles in the learning process include promoting sustainable development, international and cultural awareness, equal rights with equal respect, open interaction and a healthy lifestyle. The task is to create an environment of flexibility, effective communication, high motivation, networking and co-operation. These factors encourage personal development, which is an important part of the South Ostrobothnia Folk High School experience.

School campus –education and recreation

The 14 buildings on campus provide a variety of educational and recreational facilities. There are dormitories housing 150 students, which include fast broadband, laundry facilities, common rooms, saunas and kitchens, moreover, there is a restaurant offering breakfast and two meals per day and a fitness centre with a gymnasium, stage, weight room and kiosk. Also available for use are meeting rooms, a teaching kitchen, home economic facilities and a handcraft classroom.

Past and present successfully combined

Our oldest building is 120 years old and has been defined by the Museum Society of Finland as a historically significant cultural landmark, whereas the newest ones have been in use for less than ten years. South Ostrobothnia Folk High School has modern teaching facilities for lectures, practical demonstrations and group work. It provides a variety of classroom styles, a language laboratory and several computer classrooms with hard & software constantly updated. All students have free access to the library, which has a comprehensive collection of various textbooks and journal articles listed by universities as required reading.


Welcome to the South Ostrobothnia Folk High School!

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